It’s been a while…

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Last couple of months been very hectic so besides from Instagram I didn’t update my website for a while. I really missed it and I’m happy that I have more time now to start blogging again. Can’t wait to fill up my page with the things I love! Stay tuned for more posts. Much love..



H&M demin shirt
ZARA white jeans
KOMONO sunglasses

it's been a while

it's been a while

it's been a while

Manicure Monday

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Only three more days until Christmas, I’m so excited!!
The true color of Christmas is the color red of course. So for this edition of ‘Manicure Monday’ I had to do this gorgeous warm red color called ‘Miss Behave’ by Sensationail. I still don’t have an outfit for Christmas yet but I feel like this color will match any outfit that I will decide to wear. 

What will you wear for Christmas and do you have any suggestions on what I could wear?


p.s. How cute are these tea light holders!?

Manicure Monday

Jewelry Gift Guide

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What girl doesn’t love to get some fabulous jewelries for christmas! I found the most amazing pieces that are definitely going to be on my all time wish list! Jewelry really represent your personality and is something that will stay with you for ever. I feel like I certainly need to upgrade my jewelry game and try more different things. The only problem is that the jewelry I LOVE always tend to be overly expensive and needs years of saving up for.


Rings – I love big statement rings. I have nothing with patriotism and I always say and feel that I’m a world citizen so when I saw this world globe ring I fell in love. This ring truly represents my way of thinking, I have to have it! The monogram signet ring is such a great gift to give someone. You can add the initials of their child or loved one. How cool is it to wear a ring with the initials of someone you love or just your own.

Bracelets – This big statement bracelet will really upgrade your simpel and casual outfit, the green and gold look so fab together! The fine bracelets are also super cute as you may have noticed, I really love bright colors. The touch of red makes this thin cuff bracelet less dull and basic.

Earrings – I’m obsessed with little bugs in jewelry lately, also the combination of black and gold has always been one of my favorite.  There is this new fabulous trend going on with these earrings that go all the way around the side of your ear. I also see glittery red lips in jewelry a lot lately, I definitely want to have something like that!

Necklace – I feel so good when I find something that looks really luxurious and expensive, but is really cheap. Especially with trying out a new style, because it’s  such a waste when you buy something really expensive but get tired of it, because it turns out that it’s not really your thing..



Way Back Wednesday

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Barcelona is truly a city of great food, short shorts, blue skies, amazing architecture and the best beach life! I can’t believe that it’s been 2 years ago since my last trip to this wonderful city! Time really flies by when you’re having fun. Every winter I have a couple of moments when I long to the summer sun and the beach life. I am also really a city girl so I love the fact that Barcelona has the best of both worlds.  It’s the perfect mix of beach life and city life. There are also a lot of different activities and places that you can do and go see to really soak up the culture. I will name a few places below that you must see when you’ll visit this city.


PARK GUELL – This is the city park which was designed by the famous Antoni Gaudí. Super big but super beautiful where you have the most spectacular view of the city.

DA GREGGO – This is the most delicious Italian restaurant ever! It’s kind of hard to find and hidden behind a mysterious door but it’s really worth the effort!

HOP ON HOP OFF – Take this bus and it will show you all the beautiful places of the city where you can hop on and off whenever you see something interesting!

CIUDAD CONDAL – Do the big extensive lunch in this restaurant. It’s really the best tapas place in Barcelona (and order the baby shirmp)!

Have you ever been to Barcelona? What are your favorite spots there?


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