A Floral Friday

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My obsession with flowers began at a very early age. My favorite ‘sugar’ aunt that lives in USA was and still is a florist. I wanted to be her when I grew up and I dreamed of a career as a florist. Sometimes when I would visit my aunt as a nine year old child I would to work with her and I loved it! I will never forget that wonderful scent of the shop she worked in. Back then her favorite flowers where sunflowers, so of course mine also had to be the sunflower. Now that I’m older my favorites are roses, hydrangea, lilies and peonies. I’m super lucky that Holland is world’s leading supplier of flowers. That makes them also relatively cheap here. A bouquet of 10 roses for instance is around 5 euros here and when you go to the markets at the end of the day they’ll sell you 2 bouquets for the price of one! I like my bouquets to be strictly flowers without any extra green leaves. I feel like those leaves make it a little messy looking. 

What are your favorite flowers?



H&M black top with lace
QUAY sunnies 

floral friday floral friday floral friday floral friday floral friday


Splurge or Steal

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Who doesn’t love a good steal that looks almost identical to the real designer deal! Sometimes if you’re lucky the steal is even more comfortable and durable then the real deal. I’m loving this new trend of the lace-up flats, they really are everywhere you look! While I was looking for a nice pair to buy for myself, I found two pairs that are really similar to one another. The only big difference was the price of both items.

Gianvito Rossi is one of my favorite splurge shoe brands at the moment. Their heels, boots, sandals and flats are so simple and classic but have a real sophisticated and rich looking vibe to it. They also use a lot of suede in their collections, which I’m a big fan of! So of course when I came across these lace-up flats in black suede (they also come in a beautiful nude) I fell in love immediately. The price however woke me right up, €495 is way too much before my holiday to Morocco. I went to look at the Zara website and discovered a dupe version! The only difference is the front of the flat. The Rossi’s are more pointy then the ones by Zara.

Which one is your fav?


  STEAL Zara €39,95
SPLURGE Gianvito Rosi €495,- 


Cold Summer Days

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Im so happy to be leaving this country for Morocco soon where there is guaranteed sunshine everyday! In the Netherlands we only get a couple of nice sunny and warm days a year. That’s really not enough for me since I am a true sun admirer! The day of this shoot was really cold and windy for  a summer day. I had to wear long jeans and a jean jacket to keep me warm. I’m also wearing my new Tod’s, my favorite spring/summer shoe! 



MANGO jean jacket
ZARA white top
J BRAND white jeans
TOD’S red gommino loafers

IMG_4791 IMG_4779 IMG_4877IMG_4794IMG_4845IMG_4786cold summer day

Ready for Summer!

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What do you think of those bodysuits that have made a real comeback? I feel like they are a must this season, the open back is super sexy and very feminine. If you combine the bodysuit with a cute skirt you can create a very girly outfit and when you want to have a more edgy  and urban look just wear it with a destroyed denim and some sneakers.

Would you wear a bodysuit this summer? 





H&M bodysuit
QUAY ‘My Girl’ sunglasses

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