The Flare

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Flare jeans have been back for a while now and i’m kind of lovin’it!

I’m super happy that it’s getting warmer and I don’t need to wear my 6 layers of clothing anymore. After 6 months of winter it feels liberating to wear a light leather jacket.

For this look I decided to go all black. A simple crew-neck is basic and timeless but by adding a thin scarf I’m creating a more 70ties look. The gold hardware of the leather jacket and the bucket bag makes it more chic. Underneath my flare jeans I’m wearing black leather ankle boots.

How do you like to wear your flare jeans?



ZARA flare jeans
ZARA crewneck sweater
PLEIN SUD leather jacket
MASSIMO DUTTI ankle boots
SOPHIE HULME bucket bag
ZARA scarf

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Foodie Friday

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For this foodie Friday I’m posting my easy but yet super delicious pumpkin soup with a green healthy side salade.

This soups is so easy, just cook all the ingredients together in a pan with 750ml of water. Let it cool down and then put everything in a blender. It’s super nice and creamy, healthy and has just the right amount of spicyness!

Cut the onions, celery, red chili, pumpkin and rasp a piece of ginger. Add olive oil to a pan untill hot. Then add all the ingredients, cook for about 3 minutes before adding the 750 ml of water. Cook it for 25 mintues, blend everything together in a blender, then toss it back into the pan. I always add a cube of chicken broth and a little bit of black pepper to flavor it some more. If you love ginger you can always rasp a bit more and add that too. If the soup gets too thick add some extra water. 

For the salade, I just cut and stir fry zucchini and mushrooms with italian herbs and some salt and black pepper. I let it cool off and added that to some lettuce with a vinaigrette dressing. Cucumber and Feta cheese will go very well with this salade and will give it just some extra freshness and will balance out all the flavors. 

If you ever decide to make it, let me know what you think!



2 onions
2/3tblsp Olive oil
5 strains of Celery
1 Pumpkin
2cm of fresh Ginger
1 red Chili
750 ml of water

foodie fridayfoody fridayfoodie fridayfoody friday

Hair Salon Day

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After almost one year of not dying my hair I decided it was time. It’s so hard to find a good hair colorist that knows exactly what you want and truly understands your view on how you want it done. Well I definitely found mine and I’m so happy with her! 

I wanted my hair to look a little lighter but in a natural way so I decided to go for Balayage. My hair colorist Romy who works at the Rob Peetom hairsalon in Amsterdam (located on the fifth floor of the Bijenkorf) really knows how to get it done! She selected my hair piece by piece to get the most natural look. She also used a special brush that looked like a make-up brush to really blend the dye out nicely. After this proces she toned my hair to make the color more ashy and soft. After blow drying she curled it which made the color really stand out more and look absolutely amazing. I’m so happy with the final result!!



ZARA scarf
BENETTON pullover

hair salon hair hair salon salon

Manicure Monday

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It’s time for a new Manicure Monday! I’ve been into whites, nudes or really dark colors like black or a super dark red lately. This color is called “Chrystal Avalanche” by Sensational and it’s the best color for winter because of its white shade that really reminds me of that beautiful winter snow.  It’s a little sheer, like a true white crystal and thats what makes this polish so classy! For this look I did 4 layers of “Chrystal Avalanche” and then finished off with the topcoat.

What’s you favorite color for fall/winter?