La Sultana

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La Sultana is another magical hotel that I got the chance to visit. When you want to go experience the city of Marrakech in all it’s glory, this hotel is where to stay! It’s in the middle of old medina and next to the ancient Saadian tombs. Even though it’s at the heart of the city, it’s truly an oasis of beautiful scenery and calmness. The perfect place to stay to unwind after a busy day in the city.

The hotel is made up of off five separate riads. Every riad has it’s own theme and I stayed in the Moroccan style one.  It’s painted in warm colors, this Riad boasts cedar wood columns and balustrades contrasted by the bright-hued mosaic-tiled floor. The riad has a beautiful courtyard with a little water fountain in the middle filled with fresh roses! All the hotel rooms are around the courtyard on the ground floor and the first floor. The windows of your rooms always face the courtyard side. For more privacy you can close your windows and the entrance to your room with a big wooden door.

The rooftop terrace of the hotel is the most incredible part of this place. Here you can overlook the whole medina and the panoramic view is absolutely gorgeous. I felt like being in the Aladdin movie where he takes Jasmin to his special place to show her the view of the city! This is truly a great place to have dinner or drinks in the evening.


La Sultana MarrakechLa Sultana Marrakech La Sultana Marrakech La Sultana Marrakech La Sultana Marrakech La Sultana Marrakech La Sultana Marrakech La Sultana MarrakechLa Sultana Marrakech La Sultana Marrakech La Sultana MarrakechLa Sultana Marrakech

The Royal Mansour – Day 3

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Unfortunately it’s my last day in the Royal Mansour. I’m so sad to be leaving this wonderful place that really felt like home to me. On this blogpost I want to tell you about the magical Spa of the hotel and the most delicious food they serve. 

We had a lavish breakfast everyday at the ‘La Table’ restaurant. All the pastries are made in-house and is simply delicious. My breakfast consisted of coffee, a freshly pressed grapefruit juice, a plate with Moroccan mini pancakes, beautifully cut fresh fruit, bread with honey, olive oil, jam and divine sort of mixture of almonds with honey. There was also the possibility to add eggs and a plate of french cheese to your breakfast. Because I ate so much at breakfast I wouldn’t get hungry until dinnertime. Moroccans are all about food so every meal is always very extensive. You can expect to add a few pounds when you visit this beautiful country!


Aside from La Table, Royal Mansour has a French restaurant called  ‘Grande Table Française’ and a Moroccan restaurant called ‘Grande Table Marocaine’. The menu of both restaurants have been created by the three Michelin-star Parisian chef Yannick Alléne. 

I was invited to have an extraordinary dinner at ‘Grand Table Marocaine’. The food was amazing with sublime Moroccan flavors served on a exquisite traditional way. All the waiters were wearing traditional Moroccan outfits and explained every dish of the seven course dinner. While having dinner there was also a traditional dressed musician that played a Oud quietly. Again I felt like an Arabian princess in this place. This restaurant is so worth the visit when you’re in Marrakech. 


Royal Mansour Day 3Royal Mansour Day 3Royal Mansour Day 3

The Spa

Royal Mansour has a separate Spa entrance for visitors that aren’t guests of the hotel. The atrium of the spa is all white and super light. This is an area where you can relax and lounge. There are 13 treatment rooms, a big inside heated swimming pool and an authentic hammam. The spa offers over 100 treatments on the menu so you can really spend the whole day here. The whole building complex is so light and peaceful, it’s really the best place to unwind after a stressful period in the western world.




ASOS biniki
SILVER STAR earrings (bought in Morocco)
H&M white caftan
QUAY sunnies

Royal Mansour Day 3 Royal Mansour Day 3 Royal Mansour Day 3Royal Mansour Day 3 Royal Mansour Day 3 Royal Mansour Day 3 Royal Mansour Day 3 Royal Mansour Day 3 Royal Mansour Day 3 Royal Mansour Day 3Royal Mansour Day 3

The Royal Mansour – Day 2

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The Royal Mansour has 53 riads of one to four bedrooms, all decorated differently in a very authentic and traditional way. Also the most luxurious modern applications are integrated in these riads that maximize the exceptional comfort. Every room has a control touch panel that regulates the lighting, the airconditioning and the extent of privacy that you want to have.

Every riad has three floors. On the ground floor there is a living room area with an outdoor patio, a kitchen and a fireplace. Through the entire riad you can smell the rich mysterious scent of cedar wood. It’s in the fireplace so when you ask them to light it, the wonderful fragrance intensifies. The guest stationary comes with my own name engraved in gold letters. I just love these little details! The bathroom and the bedroom are on the first floor. The bed linen is super soft and made out of the finest thread count. I truly felt like an Arabian princess sleeping under these sheets. On the rooftop terrace you can find your own plunging pool, a shower so you can rinse yourself off, lounging chairs and another beautiful fireplace.



The matter of peace, privacy, and discreet high level service is so remarkable about this place. For a big part this is due to the series of unique and innovative underground tunnels that allows staff to discreetly access the riads for housekeeping, roomservice or other necessity. On every floor of your riad, you will find doors that lead to these tunnels. So wether you are on the ground floor and want to have lunch on your terrace, the staff can always guarantee absolute privacy and discretion in bringing you whatever you want.

The staff of the Royal Mansour is exceptional and truly a delight. Everyone here is so friendly, extremely helpful and does everything with a smile. From the chauffeur to the bartender, the restaurant waiter and the press manager. They all have so much knowledge of the city of Marrakech, the story behind the architecture of the hotel and the traditional details. And they are so happy to share this knowledge and make you feel welcome in every way they can.

It is not the beautiful interior and architecture of the lobby and the riads, or the concept itself that makes this place feel so intensely delightful. It is the energy of the staff that is so positive and warming that you really don’t want to leave.

In the Royal Mansour you do not reside in a hotel room or a royal suite, but in your own magical palace where you immediately feel at home and are treated like a member of a royal family. This place is a dream and definitely worth the trip!



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The Royal Mansour – Day 1

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Im starting my first travel blog with the most sophisticated and luxurious hotel I have ever seen; The Royal Mansour! This elegant and magical hotel in Marrakech invited me for a stay at their beautiful hotel. This place truly stimulates all your five senses in a way that you really experience all the beauty that Morocco has to offer. The lobby is magical and looks like the set of a movie. The Royal Mansour isn’t a hotel. It’s a little village, away from all the city hectics. Here there aren’t any single rooms available. But only Riads that are beautifully decorated and have the most amazing handmade details. A riad is a Moroccan type of house with an interior garden or courtyard and has a rooftop terrace. When I arrived in Marrakech there was a chauffeur waiting to take me to the hotel in a big luxurious Mercedes-Benz. He took care of  all my bags and while steering the wheel with his white gloves, told me everything  about Marrakech.


The Royal Mansour lies just behind the walls of the old city of Marrakech and has it’s own entrance. From there on all the beauty starts. When entering, there is a big road going straight with two big walls on each side. There are also lots of gorgeous olive trees, palmtrees and flowers on the side of the road. We passed by a big minty colored gate, this is the entrance to the Spa of the hotel. Then we drove up to another big gate, this is the door to the Royal Mansour.. When they opened the gate for us we entered and the chauffeur parked right in front of the hotel. The peace here is what was so noticeable. The only thing you hear here are the birds singing in the trees and the water from the fountain inside of the lobby. 


The lobby felt like a dream and actually deserves a review by itself! It is so breathtakingly beautiful with the open roof in the center, the amazing mosaic, the big water fountain and the beautiful fabrics that are used for the chairs and the draping all around the center of the lobby. There is also a big birdcage with adorable brightly colored parakeets that sing beautifully. Everything in the lobby makes sense and is looking perfectly coordinated. The architects Nicolas Papamilitades and Fabrice Bourg really delivered astonishing work.


After checking in, a nice lady named Selloua, walked me to my own riad. Even the way up to the riad was amazing! There were different alleys with riads everywhere, it felt like a magical maze, with beautiful plants and flowers. All the alleys had little gutters with streaming water. Again the only sounds here were the birds and the running water. The hotel is made with the idea of it being a representation of the old Medina of Marrakech with 53 riads in different sizes. All the riads are made in a way that you can’t see other guests, even on the terrace. Everything is discreet and super private. The windows inside the riads have wooden panels that can be closed for even more privacy. In my next post I will tell you more about my own private beautiful Riad and show you what the interior looked like!



H&M top
ZARA skirt

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