A Market Day!

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So last weekend I did a couple of fun things I wanted to share with you guys! So there was this Spring Market at Vondelpark where I went to. They had all these stands with people selling all these different products. Some were selling cute baby clothes, sunglasses or other stuff they designed. There was a band performing, enough food to choose from and on top of that the weather was great! There were also 2 girls very busy with braiding everyones hair the ‘Boxer Braide’ style. From little 5 year old girls to adults, practically everyone wanted there hair to be braided like that and who could blame them! The braides looked amazing! These BraidBaristas (as they are called) have their own little company called BraidBar. You can hire them for parties, birthdays of other occasions through their own facebookpage. Next time I see them, I’m definitely getting those braides done!

After this Spring Market we went to the Albert Cuyp where we had some delicious oysters and fried fish for lunch. It was super cheap but it tasted amazingly fresh! You should really try it sometime when your near this area of Amsterdam. 

Since I’m susch a flower lover I also got some Lillies at the Albert Cuyp because they are so much cheaper here then near my house. A little tip of mine is to buy flowers just before they close at 5 o’clock. When you come here around 4 or 4.30 you can get 2 or 3 bouquets for the price of 1! Can life get any better than that!?



H&M dress
ADIDAS rod laver sneakers

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Loetje, the best place for steak!

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So this weekend I went to this place called Loetje for dinner. It’s a known restaurant in Amsterdam that has good steak and serves it with a delicious sauce. They have different locations but the one I went to is located along Amsterdam’s waterfront, the IJ. I consider this the best location because you can see all the boats float by and next to Loetje there is a cute little harbor.  The restaurant itself is big and has a beautiful view, they also have a lovely big terrace for when the sun is out!

For dinner I ordered the Bali steak, which is their regular stake but with a more spicy sauce. With that I ordered fries, a salad, mushrooms and bread. The salad is super and the bread is delicious for dipping in the sauce, you can’t not order this when you’re here!

I definitely recommend going here next time you’re in Amsterdam!



H&M mens basic white tshirt
LEVIS jeans 721 high rise skinny
TODS loafers
MANGO blazer

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The Perfect Manicure

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So before I went to Miami I got the opportunity to get my nails done by definitely the best nail-artist there is @safae! She is located on the Kinkerstraat 16 in Amsterdam in a super cute place called Hair, Nail & Beautybar. It’s a beauty salon where you can get everything done at once. You can get your hair done, get those beautiful 3D lashes or get a nice pedicure or manicure. 

So my friend that told me about this girl called Safae and said she really is the best in making your nails look gorgeous! I went to her with these horrible nails, some were even chipped off (as you can see on the pic)! Safae was super nice and told me she could fix it and went on with the filing proces. When that was done she put on a super thin layer of Solar. My own nails keep breaking when I try to get them a little long, with the Solar they stay strong and can really grow. 
After the Solar I picked a Shellack polish color that I liked, this beautiful dark aubergine color called Plum Paisly. She then painted my nails so professionally and neat! I was so amazed about how precise she was. 

I was super happy with the end result!! Usually the nail-artists put on a really thick layer of Solar, while Safae really kept it super thin. This way my nails looked so natural. It really looked like my own nails were all evenly long and had this gorgeous shiny polish on it. I definitely would recommend getting your nails done by Safae, even if you don’t want the Solar nails. She also does Shellac gel-polish on your own nails or regular polish of course. You will never want anyone else doing your nails. Make an appointment and let me know how you liked it!


Call her for an appointment on: 0622852611

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Delicious Clarins Lipgloss!

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A current and constant favorite product of mine is the Clarins Eclat Minute Embellisseur Lèvres. Everytime the drugstore has a promotion on the lipglosses I have to buy at least one! This lipgloss also has a lipbalm feel to it because it really makes your lips feel super soft! It has a 3D shimmer which makes your lips also look fuller and it smells delicious! Last but certainly not least is that it’s not super expensive lipgloss. I reccommend this product to everyone I know so I thought why not write a piece about it.

Let me know what you think of the Clarins Eclat Minute Embellisseur Lèvres if you have tried it!


Clarins lipgloss Clarins lipgloss Clarins lipgloss Clarins lipgloss