Manicure Monday

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It’s time for a new Manicure Monday! I’ve been into whites, nudes or really dark colors like black or a super dark red lately. This color is called “Chrystal Avalanche” by Sensational and it’s the best color for winter because of its white shade that really reminds me of that beautiful winter snow.  It’s a little sheer, like a true white crystal and thats what makes this polish so classy! For this look I did 4 layers of “Chrystal Avalanche” and then finished off with the topcoat.

What’s you favorite color for fall/winter?



Pho for Lunch

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The other day me and my boyfriend went to have Pho for lunch at this place called Pho 91. It’s a cute little Vietnamese eatery on the Albert Cuypstraat in Amsterdam. This street is famous for the big market that you can find here every day except on Sunday. Pho 91 has a small menu that’s inspired by popular and traditional recipes that are sold on the streets of Vietnam. They don’t use pre-packaged or processed products and a lot of their ingredients come directly from the market! 

We shared the spring rolls and summer rolls and both had the Pho 91 Noodle soup, which was amazing and super fresh. If you ever want to have something different for lunch then a usual sandwich, try a fresh and healthy Vietnamese noodle soup at this place! 


p.s. What are your recommendations for a nice healthy lunch?


LEVI’S white denim shirt
ZARA mens bomber jacket
J BRAND white jeans
ZARA shoes

Pho for Lunch Pho for Lunch Pho for Lunch Pho for Lunch


Splurge or Steel – The best Saint Laurent deal!

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One of my favorite brands for a couple years now is Saint Laurent. I love everything from their jackets to their shoes and of course their amazing bags. The Saint Laurent collection has lots of black items and often uses suede, which is my absolute favorite material ever. Since Saint Laurent is a really expensive brand, I’m always on the lookout for identical looking less expensive items. For this ‘Splurge or Steal’ I’m sharing a great find on a must-have basic for this winter: the black and white striped sweater. These really look identical but in reality one is 95% cheaper then the other. 

Can you find the less expensive item?



H&M €19,99

splurge or steel

Jewelry in Morocco

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While I was in Morocco, I bought some jewelry because the gold and silver there are way cheaper than in Europe. I found some really cool  and fashionable pieces like my snake ring, the star earrings and also the earrings I’m wearing in this shoot. I hate when jewelry gets changes its color and gets all ugly because it’s not real gold or silver so that’s why I prefer to buy the real deal. If you ever visit Morocco I really recommend to go shopping for some jewelry. You may have to look through a couple of boutiques but you can really find some beautiful items!



H&M body 
RALPH LAUREN denim shorts
ZARA heels
KOMONO sunnies
EARRINGS bought in Morocco

Jewelry in Morocco Jewelry in Morocco Jewelry in Morocco Jewelry in MoroccoJewelry in Morocco Jewelry in MoroccoJewelry in Morocco